About us

VAOrg is a renowned Video analytics company. We provide video analytics that is empowered with AI-based deep learning technology and machine learning.  We provide efficient and complete analytics for your videos. We use the most advanced and powerful hardware to analyze the videos, which include GPU rendering. We extract all relevant analyses form your provided and optimize them to give you an excellent quality output.

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VAOrg emphasis on delivering high quality and scalable results to our clients. Our systems are equipped with the latest technologies for video analysis. And we have met the requirements of our customers several times. Our deep analysis products keep on improving themselves as the data increases in size.


Here we make use of machine learning that extracts the sophisticated data, which is not possible with a traditional video analysis algorithm. With our video analysis, we help to maximize your business efficiency. Such that you are never left concerned about the video analytics.

Why should we be your first choice?

We have provided our services in several fields like security, surveillance, traffic monitoring, parking analysis, and many more sectors. It has been 10 years since we are providing our superior services to our clients.


Our team employs and facilitates the latest technology to provide intelligent and integrated Video analytics solutions. Moreover, VAOrg’s advanced video analytics are also compatible with multiple devices. These custom video analytics have features like an automatic alert system and Event management. In VAOrg we reduce the necessity of human intervention, and thereby offer a fast, convenient, and intelligent alternative for video analytics.


Our Mission

VAOrg focuses on analyzing the provided video for automatically identifying actions and recording the data in a simple format. We are here to simplify your workload by relieving the pressure of video analysis. So that you can focus on other aspects of our business and leave the job of video analysis to us.


Our products guarantee a fully operational detection and management system fo get the alerts of every suspicious action made by any person.

Deep learning analysis

In VAOrg we offer video analytics that is processed with the utilization of deep learning. Our analysis provides metadata extraction and gives a real-time response to improper activities. This service helps large companies and cities to make the crowd with our human intervention. Our software monitors the video data and analyzes it thoroughly and if any malpractice is captured, an alert signal is sent.


Artificial intelligence-based deep learning technology can detect the smallest activity in the large stream of data. Also, the response time to the alerts is significantly less.

Video analysis products

VAOrg provides the service to design products that analyze the video content to fetch the necessary data. We make custom monitoring and analysis software for your business according to your specifications. We design a wide range of products that include security monitoring systems, crowd management, traffic, and parking management.


Also, we build softwares like Perimeter Intrusion Detection System and PPE detection system. All these products offer scalability and optimization to your business corporation. Our products will guarantee security and ease to use.

Human behaviour detection

We also analyse human behaviour form the videos with the help of AI and machine learning. human behaviour includes facial recognition, eyes, colour, etc. all this helps in managing the security service in an incident. With our service, you can easily figure out the facial structure of some person from the video that can be very essential in a timed incident.


Human recognition increases the scale of security service and brings out surveillance video analysis in a profound way.

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