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VAOrg has made the system of Video analytics more simplified and convenient. We offer comprehensive analytics with real-time data, operational information, and action detection. We have a record of performing exceptionally on the projects offered to us. We give a video analytics solution for your videos with AI and machine learning processing.


VAOrg saves your time with expert level video analytics. We compensate for the need to watch the video to get the data. And we return an optimized data that replaces a video of several hours.

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Our designed services are very straightforward to understand and use. We provide video analytics that is well structured and organized for common use. These analytical data can be used for small security can business corporations. It eases the company's management and services.


Real Time

VAOrg provides real-time data analysis for several companies and enterprises. Real time video analysis is very useful in alarm mechanisms that are triggered when suspicious activity is spotted. We offer auto-tracking, object counting, and monitoring capability. With this feature, you can avoid the requirement of a security officer to monitor the cameras every time.


Daily Report

We provide daily updates regarding the video analysis of your videos. These reports include all the specified data and statistics that are specified by you. This extends the security features beyond the scope of standard analysis. Here you can examine the data for every minimal issue. With daily analytical reports, you will get to know about any issue occurring in the system immediately.

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Operates with powerful hardware, for providing quick results. The process of analyzing might seem confusing but it is all technology. There is a ton of hardware integrated with the software system like machine learning. It detects the background and stationary object form the video. Then moving objects and persons are classified and all the statistical data is recorded. Objects are distinguished based on types like humans, cars, animals, etc. Then saved to individual databases.


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Our computers keep track of the classified objects and extract data. This data includes the distance of the object from the camera, its position. For a moving object you are also provided with the speed of the object, generally vehicles. Artificial intelligence is used to get analytical data on human behavior.


Deep Learning Algorithms that keeps improving over time

As you sign in we will contact you instantly. You can put your idea and requirements of the data you want to get from the video analysis. Our team will provide you with expert level Video analysis solutions. Also, after signing in you will get exclusive offers from us every week.

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Today we are the sole provider of video analytics to several companies. We have successfully offered video analytics empowered with machine learning, deep AI analysis. Our service has been deployed to enterprise companies and we have got their trust successfully. Also, we attain the specialties to perform beyond your expectations.

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Cutting-edge data visualization at your fingertips.


VAOrg can meet the demands of the emerging circumstances of a company. In recent times, we have also provided an analysis that includes. Whether a person is wearing a mask or not. There is a trigger mechanism that starts when it detects a large gathering of people.


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